Careers At Exceptional Care
& Training Center

The Power of People Helping People

At Exceptional Care & Training Center, we believe that each and every employee is a pivotal part of our mission to provide the best senior living experience in the area. Our talented team members are the driving force behind everything we have to offer.

The Story of Exceptional Care & Training Center

In 1988, two old friends and business colleagues, Dr. Bruce Hutson and Lewis Wood came together to form a non-profit organization to save four communities from bankruptcy. Thus what today is known as HutsonWood was formed. Since that time the organization has grown to now include eight nursing and assisted living communities located in Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee along with 14 affordable housing communities located across the southeast.

Having a mission of serving the healthcare and shelter needs of our local communities in a compassionate and respectful manner, HutsonWood is always looking for talented individuals who are not just looking for a job but for a home where they can truly make a difference in the world. We consider ourselves one big work family and hope that you would also like to become one of our family members providing compassionate care to those we serve.

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We Care About Culture

We are honored to have such an outstanding team at Exceptional Care & Training Center. In their daily pursuit of excellence, our employees not only build meaningful connections with those we serve but also directly impact our mission of providing the utmost care to our community. Community and culture are everything in a workplace. Our culture of empowerment, collaboration, and empathy is important for building both a trustworthy and motivating work environment.

Our Benefits Program

We have the HutsonWood Advantage! Our employees care so much about the people they serve every day so Exceptional Care & Training Center has put specific programs in place to care for our employees. Our comprehensive benefits help to ensure that our team is able to work with confidence and security!


We’re proud to offer these benefits to eligible employees:

  • 401K match up to 4%
  • HutsonWood Values
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Family
  • Innovation and Empowerment

Grow With Us

Your career in assisted living does not have to be short-lived! We proudly provide our staff with opportunities at Exceptional Care & Training Center to advance your career, learn new skills, and develop as a professional. It’s important not only for you to thrive where you are, but to take on new challenges and advance your career. We want you to always feel like you have a place with us!

Our Staff Love Their Work & Their Patients Love Them!

residents playing cards

Elyssa N.

Mother of Resident
I can’t say enough good things about the care at Exceptional Care & Training Center. The staff are true advocates of the children and the home is constantly updating and improving with both practices and the latest and greatest technology. What makes Exceptional Care & Training Center truly special is the genuine care and love that the staff puts into their jobs.

Hannah L.

Former Staff Member
You can tell that the staff here really love the patients in their care. There is a real sense of family and unity with everyone who works and volunteers here. They truly are committed to giving the patients who live at Exceptional Care & Training Center the best quality of life possible.

Current Employee

As a PROUD employee at Exceptional Care & Training Center for almost 20 years, I can TRULY say it is a GREAT place to work. The residents are remarkable, and the staff is very compassionate and caring. The love and care that the residents receive cannot be compared. The management team follows the same compassionate and caring trend for us as employees. Appreciation and gratitude are always expressed from management to staff for all their hard work. At times, things can be challenging, and when this occurs, our bond as a team (staff and management) becomes the strongest. I am very FORTUNATE and GRATEFUL to be a part of an exceptional organization.